During the course of every year, staff and volunteers at the Cotswold Water Park Trust carry out lots of work to enhance the area for wildlife. In recent times this has included:

  • Clearing trees from islands, to provide better nesting habitat for terns, gulls and wading birds.
  • Improving the bankside habitat along rivers, so that biodiversity in general (and Water Voles in particular) increase their range.
  • Removing unwanted willow saplings from reedbeds (which has resulted in attracting scarce birds, such as Bittern and Marsh Harrier).
  • Keeping the margins of important, shallow water ‘scrapes’ free from invasive vegetation, in order to attract wading birds and maintaining viewing areas so that visitors can enjoy our wild residents and visitors.

These, and many other tasks, make a tremendous difference for wildlife in our area – so are very rewarding. Just how many improvements we can make depends upon how many volunteers we can attract to help our rangers carry out this vital work. So, if you have some spare time and would like to get involved in a good cause, please get in touch; new faces are always very welcome.

Organised work parties take place on 2 days every month (one on a Sunday and one on a Thursday) with various additional work taking place, particularly during the period September – March (outside of the bird breeding season). Volunteers have already made a tremendous difference for the wildlife in our area, but it is ongoing, so why not join us and become part of something very worthwhile and satisfying, working with others who think the same. Please contact Kieren on Kieren.thomas@waterpark.org