Volunteer ranger group

This page lists the forthcoming volunteer work party dates for the year. Specific task details for each date will be confirmed nearer the time.

To view the details – meeting time, venue etc – please refer to the Events Diary or click on the dates below.

Volunteer dates 2018

Midweek Weekend
11/03/2018 Clayhill Meadow
29/03/2018 Cokes Pit Local Nature Reserve
08/04/2018 Cleveland Lakes
19/04/2018 Cokes Pit Local Nature Reserve
13/05/2018 Cleveland Lakes
24/05/2018 Cokes Pit Local Nature Reserve
10/06/2018 Clayhill Meadow
21/06/2018 Old Railway Line – South Cerney end
08/07/2018 Neigh Bridge
19/07/2018 Neigh Bridge Country Park
19/08/2018 Cleveland Lakes
3-6/08/2018 Cleveland Lakes
21/10/2018 Waterhay Reed Bed
25/10/2018 Waterhay Reed Bed
22/11/2018 Waterhay Reed Bed
18/11/2018 Waterhay Reed Bed
16/12/2018 Waterhay Reed Bed
20/12/2018 Waterhay Reed Bed