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South Cerney Sailing Club
South Cerney Sailing Club
Lake 16,
Station Road
South Cerney
07071 223618



Sailing and windsurfing for all, at our friendly and welcoming club. We offer a high standard of racing, together with gentle cruising on the lake at all times, and excellent windsurfing when the wind picks up. And all from beginners to experts are very welcome on this, the largest lake in the region.


We are a Family Friendly Sailing Club 

We are a family friendly sailing club offering:

  • a warm welcome to those who just want to potter around on a Saturday morning or take the family out for a sail on a sunny day. An ideal lake for cruising around at will, in total solitude or with family or friends.
  • a great family atmosphere within our hugely active group for youngsters (Cadet Squadron), where the whole family may be involved in supporting the children and, if they choose, mixing in with a wide range of activities;
  • real opportunities for the whole family to become involved in more serious cruising and club racing.   It’s great to see parents and children sailing together competitively, as well as grandparents and children in some cases.
  • an active and growing windsurfer membership with a wide age range;
  • a great way for those of all ages to keep fit. Just get out there and enjoy what you can, whether it’s toning up those muscles a little with a bit of hiking to keep the boat upright, or straining to the limit to beat the opposition. Much more interesting than the gym.
  • a fantastic, large lake to lose yourself on; cruising or surfing;
  • great friendships and comradery.

With 60+ years of training, sailing, race and lake management experience we offer the most extensive sailing and windsurfing experience in the area.

Everything you will need to know about our club is available on our website.




South Cerney Sailing Club is situated on the largest and deepest lake in the area, allowing us to cope with boats as large as the Flying Fifteen and as fast as the RS400. It’s in an attractively landscaped setting which benefits from our:

  • large, open, weed free lake dedicated to the club’s activities;
  • purpose-built clubhouse with a large patio overlooking the beautiful lake: ideal for socialising after sailing, or just relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere;
  • well-equipped galley, bar, training room and changing facilities;
  • large grassed areas on the waterfront and around the clubhouse; ideal for picnics or occasional camping;
  • large, secure, boat park;
  • secure indoor windsurfer storage facility (waiting list may apply);
  • dedicated boat and windsurfer launch beaches;
  • large car park;
  • secure site with member’s access at all times;
  • security systems including CCTV and extensive alarm services;
  • extensive website based IT systems for club management and communications;
  • large fleet of club boats available for hire to club members, and including single handers such as Lasers and Toppers, as well as larger boats such as the RS Vision and Laser Bahia;
  • fleet of 8 x International 420s available free of charge at times to club members, and with organised help and support on Saturday mornings throughout the summer. Ideal if you don’t have your own boat.

We are very proud of our excellent facilities, and are always working on further improvements and developments.



Cadet and Youth Sailing

Introducing children and young people to sailing is a vital, and very active, component of our club.

Our Cadet Squadron, (the 96 Cadet Squadron), offers unparalleled opportunities for children and young people from 8 years of age, to learn and enjoy sailing in a safe, sociable and fun environment. We offer:

  • a fantastic way to learn sailing, attain RYA qualifications and progress within a fleet;
  • a truly fun environment with loads of activities increasing confidence on and in the water. You only have to look at the youngsters’ faces to see how much they enjoy it.
  • a strong track record of producing very capable and competitive young sailors with representatives currently in both National and Olympic programmes; the stars of the future;
  • a track record recognised by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) who have bestowed “Champion Club” status on the club;
  • training on Saturday mornings, starting in spring;
  • organised events away from the club;
  • a hugely popular Cadet Open racing event; one of the high points of the year;
  • club owned Cadet, Topper and 420 class boats to support the activities free of charge, and get the youngsters started;

Come along and give it a go, contact the class captain and organise a taster session or two.





Although many members choose to do no more than use the lake for a leisurely cruise or some windsurfing, competitive racing is a major offering. We run organised racing on Saturday afternoons, all day Sunday (with separate events morning and afternoon), and Wednesday evenings throughout the Summer. Sunday morning racing continues throughout the winter. Pick and choose whatever you want, and whenever you want.

Although competition can be of a very high standard, we are extremely keen to support racing at all levels including beginners. A great deal of help and support is always available. We welcome all who join in the racing, totally regardless of their standard and abilities.

We offer:

  • plenty of opportunity to race with around 250 races every year, and racing all year round;
  • racing on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesday evenings during the main spring and summer seasons;
  • Sunday morning racing throughout our autumn and winter racing program;
  • class, handicap and pursuit racing, as well as regular trophy days and some personal handicap race series;
  • competitive fleets from traditional favourites to the latest designs on the market;
  • a strong and respected reputation for excellent race management and facilities;
  • an attractive venue for competitive open and championship events, and facilities for entertaining sailors from around the country;
  • encouragement those new to racing to become involved.

Our racing is supported by the latest technology providing fast results publication, often before the sailors are back in the clubhouse and allowing time for post-race discussions.



Learning, Training, Courses and Participation

We are dedicated to the enhancement of sailing as a sport, and have many initiatives to assist in increasing the capability and participation of our members, with the aim of making sailing more fun. We have:

  • an instructor available every Saturday through the spring and summer seasons to support all members in their sailing, and to give help and advice in all areas including boat preparation, rigging, sailing technique, racing strategy and so on. They also oversee the use of our club fleet of international 420 dinghies, which are free for members to use at this time;
  • regular Club organised training and coaching events, rules coaching, race management courses, and so on;
  • fleet organised boat specific training;
  • an excellent range of courses available to both members and non- members. We are an RYA Accredited Training Centre with a regular programme of RYA approved courses including:
    • adults Sailing RYA level 1, 2, 3 and RYA Start Racing;
    • youth Sailing RYA Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4;
    • RYA National Powerboat Level 1, 2 and National Powerboat Safety courses;
    • RYA First Aid courses;
    • Club Race Officer training.
  • personal taster sessions and practice sessions which may be available with our qualified instructors by arrangement.

After completing RYA level 2 training, members can take advantage of our club’s boat hire facilities. Several classes of boat are available and our International 420s are free to use for all members.





Sailing and Sailing Club membership is very affordable nowadays.

Most clubs are run entirely by members, and South Cerney Sailing Club certainly is.

This keeps overheads low, as there are no labour costs, but those joining a club are expected to do duties which may involve such as helping in the running of races, assisting with safety cover and so on. Details are on our website.

This is all part of being in a club, and really helps members to join in, meet others and become involved.

The cost of a buying a boat can range from just a few hundred pounds upwards. And when the time comes to upgrade, many sell for almost as much as the purchase price. But at South Cerney Sailing Club, we have a good number for boats available for members to use completely free of charge. So it’s possible to get started in sailing for very little here.

We run Taster Mornings in the summer for prospective new members to look around the club, meet some of our regular members and have a taster sail. The 2018 dates are:

  • 12th May 2018, 10:00 to 13:00hrs, part of the RYA “Push the Boat Out” initiative.
  • 30th June 2018, 10:00 to 13:00hrs

Alternatively call in at any time on a Sunday morning in the winter, or any weekend in the main season, and ask to look around. Someone will be only too happy to show you what we have to offer and talk through your needs.

For more details about joining either visit our web site or contact our membership secretary.





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