One of the great things about the Cotswold Water Park is that lakes can be ‘purpose built’, and so over the years, lakes designed for waterskiing have been created – with long narrow waters, central bunds and banks designed to keep the waters calm even on windy days.

An exhilarating and challenging activity, the waterskiing around the area is suitable for all ages and abilities, from the complete beginner to the pro.

Lakeside Ski & Wake
Lakeside Ski & Wake
01285 860 606 or 01285 862 894
Lakeside is a unique venue in a unique location. It can be found on the Watermark Club complex, overlooking Spring Lake, just outside the village of South Cerney. Lakeside has one of the best water sports facilities in the country, Lakeside Ski and Wake, a vibrant family friendly sports bar and restaurant, the Lakeside Brasserie, plus a gymnasium.