Parish Councils

Parish Councils

Aerial photograph of the village of Ashton Keynes

Ashton Keynes  © Bob Bewley



Keeping in close and regular contact with all the parish and town councils of the area is a challenge, especially with such a small team, but we attend parish council meetings, send out news items, and invite parish representatives to various events and functions which the Trust holds.



Latest News - January 2015

Do you have a local community project in mind?
Is your community within the CWP boundary?
Do you have any match funding?
Does it meet any of the following criteria?
1.    Enhance or improve public access.
2.    Promote better awareness/understanding of the CWP
3.    Improve recreational facilities.
4.    Support community events.
5.    Enhance or conserve wildlife.
6.    Enhance or conserve the landscape of the CWP
7.    Promote community engagement and engender a sense of “ownership” of the CWP.
8.    Bring together different sectors of the local community (e.g. parishes or local groups working together)

Priority will be given to projects which:
1.    Contribute towards the delivery of the Cotswold Water Park Master Plan.
2.    Demonstrate their ability to bring in additional cash; and in kind or match funding.
3.    Demonstrate support from elected Members.
4.    Demonstrate that they are sustainable in the long-term

If so, then please do get in touch with us to find out more and how to apply. There is currently a sum of approximately £7000  to be allocated before March 31st 2015.

Call Jill Bewley  at the Cotswold Water Park Trust on 01793 752413, or email


Community Environmental Improvement Fund

Community groups within the Cotswold Water Park have an opportunity to apply for some funding to assist with practical projects - £38,000 has been made available for local projects which are required to meet certain criteria. The initial deadline for receipt of proposals was 21 January 2013, and there have been some good applications received already.
However, if you are a community group within the Cotswold Water Park boundary, and would like to apply for funding of a specific project  then please do contact Jill Bewley, Cotswold Water Park Trust, on 01793 752413 for more information.

Some examples of recent partnership working with parish councils and community groups:

  • Somerford Keynes - The villagers want to create a community space around Lake 99, which lies on the edge of the village. It is a lovely peaceful place, perfect for a short lakeside walk. We have been working with the Parish Council to create a management plan for the lake and its surroundings .
  • Lechlade - Here at the start of the navigable Thames we have been planning how best to improve access for Lechlade residents to the wonderful Riverside Park, discussing disabled access and improving signage and interpretation.
  • Meysey Hampton - When the village pond was identified as a site hosting the invasive aquatic plant Crassula Helmsii, the Trust worked hard to eradicate this invasion before it could spread to other ponds in the area.
  • Cricklade Town Council - Working with the Town Council, we have recently been looking at ways of increasing tourist movement and links between Cricklade and the Cotswold Water Park, through publications and website links.